The Lite Guard shields have been in use in the UK for a number of years with great results for the Companies that have purchased them.

LITE guard trench boxes are used for Training...

Vortex Training Group LTD has been using Lite Guard trench and manhole boxes, alongside National trench safety LTD equipment as part of our training courses in excavation support systems since early 2019. Throughout this time the equipment has been extremely durable which is impressive considering it's constructed out of aluminium which makes it lightweight and easy for transportation to our several training sites across the UK. The boxes are well-designed with multiple lifting points allowing for easy manoeuvrability, I’m happy to endorse these products from lite guard with a testimonial, as in my professional opinion these are the best products out on the market.

Travis Noblett
Director at Vortex Training Group LTD


The following is an excerpt from an Editorial which was in the Sapa magazine in 2013.

Sapa Profiles makes Lite work of Modular Safety Systems

Lightweight Modular Safety Systems for ground worker protection were originally developed more than 12 years ago by Lite Industries Pty Australia.

This was in response to the need to provide safety and protection for workers in deep excavations, coupled with the increased use of mini excavators which while versatile and easy to manoeuvre, had limited lifting capabilities.

When LITE Industries entered the UK construction market and established a base in the West Midlands, an aluminium supplier with extrusion design and fabrication capability was sought and, following extensive research, Sapa Profiles UK was identified as the ideal business partner.

Working from an extensive specification list and initial designs from LITE Industries’ technical team, Sapa produced samples for a family of Trench Shields and accessories, prior to signing off the design and making the dies.

There are LITE Guard products available to cover almost every requirement of the groundworker, from the Mini and Standard Shields for the Utility Industries, to the Super and Super-Size Shields for the heavier Contractor.

LITE Guard Shields and Accessories, are manufactured from structural grade Aluminium, which gives all the strength and toughness of steel, but at a fraction of the weight. Due to their light weight, they are easy to assemble, and save money on transport costs, whilst also reducing the hire charges of larger excavators.

The following is a Testimonial from a Contractor who does work on Construction sites in Scotland.

LITE guard UK Testimonial: Doing it tough in the Swamp.

LITE guard Shutters doing it tough in the swampThe Shutters have now been moved onto another project after completing a very tough first job.

Best of all though is that the lads accepted them straight off the bat and now would not consider doing the job without them! And I’m talking of guys that have been doing things ‘the old way’ for 20 years or more!

When I told them what was planned, they were very sceptical and reckoned they would be tried for a couple of excavations and then hidden in a corner somewhere.

Well they were wrong…..and I’m glad they were ‘cos it means I’ve one less thing to worry about.

A sterling product! Sincerely hope that others are seeing the very real benefits of LITE guard shutters.

All the best


Super-Sized Shields, Super Light Weight!

Super-Sized Shields lifted by ExcavatorThis is a 2 x 7.2m long x 2.4m high Super-Size Shield.

The Contractor said “Wow, that is sweet! We had to use 2 Excavators to handle a trench box of the same size!”

A successful project by Bristol Water

LITE guard by Leeds Welding Company on site in Yorkshire by Connaught Constructions with the LWC hand rails.