Manhole Boxes

LITE guard Manhole boxes soon available in the UK. The LITE guard Mini manhole box (shown right) is 2000 x 2000 x 1950mm high and has a WLL of 30kPa. It is a great manhole box for mini excavators up to 7.0 tonne with limited lift capacity.

This box weighs in at only 450kgs with 1000mm spreader bars and built in lift points (not shown) in this picture.

Manhole Boxes can be stacked 2 deep. Legs can be fitted to lift the box above the pipes entering the base of the manhole.

This trench shield will be available shortly in the UK.

The LITE guard standard shield can also become a 3 or 4 sided trench shield with the LITE guard standard corner adapters. These can be stacked 3 deep and have a WWL of 20kPa and will also double as a manhole box.

Manhole Box