Soldier Sets – Trench Shoring for Small Excavations

Now Available in the UK!

Soldier sets are great for working around services or small excavations.

  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • A minimum of 2 sets required when trench shoring
  • Several positions to place the spreader bars
  • For use in dig and place
LITE Guard Soldier Sets

LITE guard Soldier Set Specifications

Panel TypePlank WidthPanel
Safe Working
Load (kN/m²)
Panel ThicknessUnder Strut
Internal Clearance
Strut to Strut
Total unit weight incl.
600-900mm adjustable struts
Plank Set200mm1800mm2045mmVariousn/a35kg
Plank Set200mm2400mm2045mmVariousn/a38kg
Plank Set200mm3000mm2045mmVariousn/a50kg