Soldier Sets (coming soon)

Soldier sets are great for working around services or small excavations.

  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • A minimum of 2 sets required when trench shoring
  • Several positions to place the spreader bars
  • For use in dig and place
LITE Guard Soldier Sets

LITE guard Soldier Set Specifications

Panel TypePlank WidthPanel
Safe Working
Load (kPa)
Panel ThicknessUnder Strut
Internal Clearance
Strut to Strut
Total unit weight incl.
600-900mm adjustable struts
Plank Set200mm1800mm2045mmVariousn/a35kg
Plank Set200mm2400mm2045mmVariousn/a38kg
Plank Set200mm3000mm2045mmVariousn/a50kg