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LITE guard are specialists in excavation shoring. As safety on the work site is always paramount LITE guard has designed an extensive range of trench shoring products and accessories designed to make working in and around trenches safer and easier.

Our range includes; aluminium trench shoring, trench shields/sheets, manhole boxes & shields, soldier sets, access platforms, hand rails, trench bridges and all trench protection products. We have the capability to make unique one-off shields from our propriety extrusions, eliminating a lot of engineering for one off shield designs.

All panels come with a Compliance Plate, including a QR Code.

Trench Shields are often called Trench Boxes, Boxes, Sheets, Shutters, Plates or Frames.

LITE guard trench shoring has been on the market and used successfully around the world for the last 20 years.

LITE guard is now manufactured in the UK by Leeds Welding Company. With Leeds Welding taking on LITE guard you are now assured of continuing supply and support.

LITE guard UK Compliance Plate and QR Code

LITE guard UK News

LWC Group at ScotPlant 2024

LWC exhibiting at ScotPlant 2024

Our distributor LWC Group will be exhibiting at ScotPlant 2024 on the 26-27 April 2024. Give them a visit and check out the Trench Shoring solutions. See: LWC Group

LITE guard at PLANT WORXs 2023

LITE guard at PLANT WORXs 2023

The LITE guard shields were the talk of the show, with a 3000 x 2000 City box being lifted by a 2.7 tonne Sunward Excavator on our stand.
Working with smaller machines then you need LITE guard.

LITE Guard Soldier Sets

Soldier Sets Available Now!

Our Aluminium Soldier Sets are now available to the UK  for use in place of timber shoring. Great for minor excavations or around services.

Reduce Transport Costs

Reduce Transport Costs

A one tonne truck leaving National Trench Safety depot in Leeds loaded with LITE guard’s Aluminium shoring. For a similar load using Steel shoring you would need a truck with a minimum 6 tonne capacity. Reduce transport costs with LITE guard’s light weight Aluminium shoring.