Standard Shields

The standard Trench Shields are great for domestic plumbing and maintenance work. They are capable of being dismantled within minutes and carried into backyard or restricted access areas. They come equipped with multiple points to attach adjustable spreader bars

The LITE guard mechanical system is superior to hydraulics as there is no need for any water on site, they cannot have a burst hose and are failure proof.  Spreader bars come in two sizes, 600 to 900mm & 1000 to 1800mm. There are other sizes on request.

  • Machine size required 2.0 to 6.0 tonne
  • Can be stacked up to 3 high to 4000mm in depth
  • Can be inverted for use in small shafts
  • For use in dig and place
  • Can fit into a van or pick-up truck
  • Takes minutes to assemble
LITE guard Trench Shield Single Skin Made in UK

LITE guard Standard Shield Specifications

Panel TypePanel
Safe Working
Load (kN/m²)
Panel ThicknessUnder Strut
Internal Clearance
Strut to Strut
Unit weight incl.
1000mm struts
Unit2400mm1200mm20 to 5056mmVariousVarious146kgs
Unit1800mm1200mm20 to 5056mmVariousVarious110kgs
Unit1200mm1200mm20 to 5056mmVariousVarious80kgs