About Us

LITE industries are bringing the full range of LITE guard Aluminium Trench Shields to the UK. The Australian designed shoring system has been on the market for 20 years and is continually developing. LITE guard is currently made under license in the USA and now in the UK, by Leeds Welding Company.

The LITE guard Aluminium shoring system is like no other with its great strength to weight ratios.

We are the only manufacturer of full-size aluminium shields that meet the safety requirements of steel shoring at a weight saving of 60% less than steel shoring, but with similar WLL.

The LITE guard shields made in the UK at the moment are the Standard, City box, Light Manhole box and Super shields. Larger shields are imported at the moment. LITE shore soldier sets will be available shortly.

The LITE guard shield was developed due to the shortage of timber for shoring back in the 1990s. Also, the main driver was the development of mini excavators with limited lift capacity which could not lift the large steel shoring on the market.

So LITE guard has grown through the ease of use for mini excavators and the Contractors with larger machines were looking for something more efficient and lighter.

LITE guard is good for around 80% of all trenching excavation work, for boring shafts, pipe laying and maintenance work.

LITE industries are happy to work with Contractors to develop special use shoring systems as the LITE guard proprietary system is very flexible and easy for us to develop one off shields.

The UK business will be fully supported by Leeds Welding Company.

LITE guard are manufactured by Leeds Welding Company. NTS are the other UK distributor of LITE guard. Please contact LWC or NTS for information on the LITE guard product.